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SNSD Zodiac Signs
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140601 Small Theater Concert
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IU being pulled along with her name tag xD

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[NEWS] Akdong Musician Wraps Up Promotions, To Start Working OnTheir Next Album

By Gracia | May 31, 2014 02:32 PM EDT

The well loved duo siblings are wrapping up their weekend promotion, although fans gonna miss seeing them, Akdong Musician has something cooking to make their fans even more happy as they said have a fall comeback.

Akdong Musician will have their last performance set this Sunday, June 1 at SBS’ “Inkigayo.” The two wouldn’t want their fans to miss them that much that’s why no rest day for this lovely siblings and will start working on their follow up album.Akdong Musician are working so hard to make it big in the music industry, they wanted to prove that even in their young age, dreams do come true to all dreamers. YGEntertainment are in full support on Akdong Musician, as Lee Chan Hyuk previously shared that he almost have 80 songs waiting to be heard.

We all know that Akdong Musician was a product of singing contest known as ” K-Pop Star 2”, from then on, they both shine and being love by their supporters. YG Entertainment is their chosen agency because expressing music in a free way is what important to this two siblings. A Agency who would support what they loved the most which is composing and sharing music. Akdong Musician garnered a lot of attention with their debut album “PLAY” and “200%”  are hit chart toppers.

Achievements such as winning “triple crown” in music shows such as Mnet’s “M! Countdown” and SBS “Inkigayo”, they bagged the most vote and top the weekly ranking for three weeks in a row. This shows how talented this two siblings are. Watch out for more updates on Akdong Musician’s fall comeback! 


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AKMU wraps up their TV performances on June 1, in SBS “INKIGAYO”, to start works on the new album immediately.

It is a very rare case for an YG artist to release a new album twice in a year, which means that AKMU has been working very hard so far. In an interview on the release of AKMU’s debut album, LEE CHAN HYUK once said that he has more than 80 new songs to disclose and the remark drew a big attention from music fans.

AKMU made their debut one year after winning SBS’s audition show “K-Pop Star 2” in April last year. With their debut album “PLAY”, they have been sweeping major music charts of Korea. “200%”, the title track of the debut album, swept all the No.1s of Korea’s 10 largest music charts, while all the songs included in the album were ranked in high places on charts.

Notably, AKMU’s music dominated daily and weekly charts, while sweeping the top places on six major music-streaming websites. Plus, on Gaon chart as well, AKMU took the No.1 in “digital chart”, “monthly streaming chart”, and “monthly download chart”, winning a triple crown.

Along with such a remarkable achievement, AKMU has also won the “triple crown” in Mnet’s “M-countdown” and SBS TV’s “INKYGAYO”, by taking the No.1 for three weeks in a row, which is a very rare case. Notably, AKMU is the first winner of the triple crown for “INKIGAYO” for this year.

2014. 5. 30.

Source: YG-Life

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Please do not repost!

Tangled + Lanterns 

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AKDONG MUSICIAN (AKMU) - PLAY (Officials Instrumentales, Acapellas & Musics Recorded)



Tracklist :

01. Give Love (Official Instrumentale) DL

02. Give Love (Official Acapella) DL

03. Give Love (Official Music Recorded) DL

04. 200% (Official Instrumentale) DL

05. 200% (Official Acapella) DL

06. 200% (Official Music Recorded) DL

07. Melted (얼음들) (Official Instrumentale) DL

08. Melted (얼음들) (Official Acapella) DL

09. Melted (얼음들) (Official Music Recorded) DL

10. On The Subway (지하철에서) (Official Instrumentale) DL

11. On The Subway (지하철에서(Official Acapella) DL

12. On The Subway (지하철에서) (Official Music Recorded) DL

13. Hair Part (가르마) (Official Instrumentale) DL

14. Hair Part (가르마) (Official Acapella) DL

15. Hair Part (가르마) (Official Music Recorded) DL

16. Artifical Grass (인공잔디) (Official Instrumentale) DL

17. Artifical Grass (인공잔디) (Official Acapella) DL

18. Artifical Grass (인공잔디) (Official Music Recorded) DL

19. Don’t Hate Me (안녕(Official Instrumentale) DL

20. Don’t Hate Me (안녕) (Official Acapella) DL

21. Don’t Hate Me (안녕) (Official Music Recorded) DL

22. Little Star (작은별(Official Instrumentale) DL

23. Little Star (작은별) (Official Acapella) DL

24. Little Star (작은별) (Official Music Recorded) DL

25. Anyway (길이나) (Official Instrumentale) DL

26. Anyway (길이나) (Official Acapella) DL

27. Anyway (길이나) (Official Music Recorded) DL

28. Idea (소재) (Official Instrumentale) DL

29. Idea (소재) (Official Acapella) DL

30. Idea (소재) (Official Music Recorded) DL

31. Galaxy (Official Instrumentale) DL

32. Galaxy (Official Acapella) DL

33. Galaxy (Official Music Recorded) DL

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Tim Burton style.

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